Graphic Design Group Exhibiton, It's a head scratch, isn't it?, 26 March ~ 9 April

How you see your creative industry? It was the topic we had put to all members in presenting their creations in the gallery CREATIVE MACAU. And the title was inspired by an article in the internet that discussed about “what is design and art?”. I don’t know where our members find the most challenge. Is it from the title, the topic, or their interests, goals, talents and personality?

Invited architects, designers and artists are Mel Cheong, Andre Lui, Américo Neves, Chu Kin Hei, Lao Derek, João Jorge Magalhães, Gonçalo Oom Saldanha, Anita Fung Pou Chu, , Adalberto Júlio Tenreiro, Christopher Kelen, Filipa Simões and Nuno Soares.