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28th September - 27th October, 2017: "Expressionist Drawings of Macau" sketching by Gonçalo Oom Saldanha

To the artist, as a painter, abstract awareness is always close to his feelings and his perception of reality. In contrast he, as an architect, has to be precise, straight and pragmatic in his drawings, which most often are drafted for construction --- "Buildings cannot fall".

Expressionist drawings in this exhibition are to complement and balance the artist's "being" expressing and drawing/painting the cities, currently Macau, where he is living. It connects the artist to all and makes him feel part of the community, this Asian great-executing place, Macau, China. The majority of the drawings are made with charcoal, the artist's preferred media, but he also used black ink and other pens or pencils; each media commands the drawing technic and the final result.

Opening and exhibition: