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8th February - 17th March, "Somewhere" by Francisco Ricarte

Make no mistake; simplicity is only achievable through a lot of work!
Clarice Lispector

Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840), one of the greatest German painters noted that the painter depicts not “what he sees before him, but what he sees within him”. This outstanding statement of how our eyes (our mind) sees and understands the reality of nature and its beauty, even if it may be affected by unexpected changes, is the key drive of the herewith photo series “Somewhere”.

“Somewhere” is not about specific places – they may be anywhere - but how we perceive their nature and presence, even if populated by evidences of man-made action. This series tries to capture the “within silence” and sublime presence of a number of places which caught the photographer’s attention and, hopefully, yours as well...

This series is the outcome of a number of visits to “other places”, some far some close by, which were carried out within the last decade.
These photos were “brought to light” in the last years throughout digital processing, on a personal creative way which intends to further express the photographer’s aesthetical mind frame and his perception of nature and their values.
“Somewhere” is about places which stand before us, however, waiting to be seen within us.

Macau, 2017
Francisco Ricarte


Franciso Ricarte,
Portuguese, born in 1955, architect, photography enthusiast since 1976, moved to Macau SAR, China in 2006. Asia has fascinated him since his arrival in Macau and allowed him to see his former world from a new perspective.

Themes such as identity, place and memory, especially when explored in urban matters, visual culture, literature and poetry have been a source of inspiration. Through photography he tries to express himself, digging deeper into those themes, fostering his understanding of what surrounds him.