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The Center for Creative Industries in the Macau Special Administrative Region is a project developed and managed by the Institute of European Studies of Macau. Its main role is to assist the creative industries by raising their profile and helping them achieved their full economic potential.

Creative industries rely on individual achievements but its recognition belongs to society. It is a process of sharing and communicating. It is a process of adding value to something which otherwise would be insignificant.

For the first stage of the project we have defined 12 areas of creative industries to be supported. It does not mean other areas cannot or will not be subject to our attention. It is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long and successful journey. The 12 creative areas include:




The Center for Creative Industries as a non-profit organization has defined its main mission as contributing, through fostering creative industries, to the sustainable development of Macau.

Creative industries, is a sector of the “new economy” and has its foundation on the culture and identity of the place it belongs to. It relies in the inner capacity of the people of Macau to be creative, given the conditions to develop their potential. There is a lot of very encouraging examples of creative capability and potential amongst our fellow citizens in every walk of life and without discrimination of age and gender, however our greatest inspiration comes from the younger generation who are embracing creative work as a profession.

For all of them we feel as an obligation to provide, as much as we can, and as well as we know, opportunities for their further development and full accomplishment of their capabilities.

Creative industries are also, in many economies, including those in the developed countries an important contributor to their GDP, to foreign trade and to international recognition and prestige.

It also works well in relation to job creation, particularly towards young people.



To broaden knowledge and visibility for the works and the products of creative industries by providing a showroom for them in a suitable and well located premise.

To improve employment through the development of creative industries in the local society.

To build and maintain communication channels for local and European creative people, as well as others around the world, in order to foster promote a creative dialogue and foster cooperation.

To provide high quality trainings for skills and creativity development. As well, classes are offered in business management for SME and micro companies in the creative industries sector.

To enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights and copyrights and therefore strengthening the foundation for successful creative industries.

To exploit opportunities presented by e-commerce and the Internet.


Who should participate the Center?

Artists, designers, and entrepreneurs in different fields of the creative industries, based in Macau.

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