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4 Steps into the Clouds

28th November, 2019 — 25th January, 2020

Who never wished to be able to step on clouds and then indulge, hoping between imaginary dimensions? 4 Steps in the Clouds is an installation where invites the public to a stroll through the clouds and let themselves be cradled and carried away by their imagination.

USJ – Faculty of Creative Industries SELECTED WORKS 2019

31st October — 23rd November, 2019

Graduate students from the three Faculty departments of University of Saint Joseph created the works over the past academic year 2018-19: Architectures prototypes and 3D visual representations, Video Documentaries and Photography, Furniture, Product and Graphic design projects.

“Decagon Explore” design exhibition – IPM Design Programme at School of Arts

27th September — 26th October, 2019

This exhibition will exhibit the outstanding design students works from the Design Programme at School of Arts at Macao Polytechnic Institute at Creative Macau from 27th September to 26th October. The theme of the exhibition is “Decagon Explore”. It will exhibit the design works from Year 1 & 2 students. The types of works are […]

OUR FAMILY – 16th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 21st September, 2019

The Collective Exhibition will be held in Creative Macau starting from 28 August to 21 September, 2019. 29 members create a structure of the “family” as an artistic project; and compose a family portrait through the real and, or, within imaginary conception. From the abstraction to the substantial, we have been naming themes for our […]

Highway Star

11th July — 24th August, 2019

Motorbikes, hard rock music, driving rhythm section. Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”, one of the classic rock music, triggers our emotions, reminds us leather-jacket-men on speeding-bikes and, and of course, the smell of gasoline. As a musician, it is always the music that I can link with the context of my creation. It is my key […]

We Connect

22nd June, 2019 14:30

“We Connect”, the open class exhibition by USJ Master of Communication and Media Department (MCM), shows students’ multimedia projects tomorrow at 14:30 at Creative Macau.

Contextual Catalysts-USJ architecture graduate exhibition 2019

8th — 22nd June, 2019

The annual graduation exhibition by the University of St. Joseph architecture students will showcase six individual projects and a big site model. All of these works mixed in their own background, Macau culture and local topography to create these innovative, trendy and aesthetically appealing architecture models and projects.  


25th April — 25th May, 2019

By the theme of RISK IS GOOD, we invited 6 woman members’ artists to take inspiration and create few paintings as a body of work and what represent for they the idea of Risk is Good.   Thinking the risk is good when we have loving and supportive people in our life, we end up being […]

Imaginary Chronicles

14th March — 18th April, 2019

Blossom Series: New works of the Blossom Series that explore the definition of beauty in people’s lives through daily nuances of life.  The rapid spread of information nowadays bring constant impact on people, from daily living habits to folk traditions, people have a new understanding of beauty. As people’s way of thinking changes with time, there is always […]

Reincarnation:Talk with artist

2nd March, 2019 16:00

Artist- Allen Wong will hold a TALK – Reincarnation to share more about creating thoughts in CREATIVE MACAU at 3pm on 2 March (Sat). Come and know more. Don’t miss it!