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“Unique-Verse” drawing exhibition

20th July — 17th August, 2024

Universe, which means time and space in the Chinese concept, is a world. If my life is limited, I hope I can make it more joyful with my family, which can bring me the unique ideas with fun and delight. Some of these works merge my daughter;s drawing which show her interesting possibilities. It really […]

Little Secrets – Artworks by Chiang Wai Lan

15th June — 13th July, 2024

I am the protagonist, the chronicler, and the reader of this artistic narrative. In the realm of reimagined retrospection, I breathe new life into images through the alchemy of artistic creation. Within the tapestry of memories, the plot intertwines with contemporary hues and ethereal dimensions, weaving fragments of whispered narratives between the realms of reality […]

“Self-Development” – artworks exhibition

4th May — 8th June, 2024

Art is everywhere, we as artists look for inspiration in our daily lives, art inspires me and I inspire it. As a designer, we always look for the latest trend, the new fashion, the creation that is in vogue. But fashion is also art in itself. Many times, I am always focused within my world, […]

The Macau Dream is Well and Alive – Conceptual Art

2nd — 27th April, 2024

The exhibition’s theme, The Macau Dream is Alive and Well, is based on recent events and challenges the invited artists to artistically express their feelings about the times of confinement and isolation. The exhibition’s concept allows for a wide range of possibilities for the artists to express their ideas. It can evoke subjective reflections or […]

Unique Vision – Creativity and Aesthetics of Photography

16th March, 2024 15:00

The artist will share the processes, methods, and creativity behind his artworks. This talk will be conducted in Cantonese Free Admission

Unique Vision – Photography Exhibition

24th February — 23rd March, 2024

Take it with form and give it soul “Be a hunter in life, capture what you encounter in life at any time and anywhere, match it with your own thoughts, take it as it comes, give it a soul, turn it into a work of flesh and blood and thoughtfulness, and put it in the […]

LECTURE: Media Management Today – Creative Industries as Added Value

20th January, 2024 16:00

AIPIM – Macau Portuguese and English Press Association – is holding a lecture on “Media Management Today – Creative Industries as Added Value”, at the headquarters of Creative Macau – Center for Creative Industries (Cultural Centre building), on 20 January 2024, at 4pm. The lecture will be introduced by the president of the Institute of […]

Abstract Narratives – painting and poetry

11th January — 17th February, 2024

Abstract Narratives is an enchanting exhibition that seamlessly blends the realms of visual art and literature. Curated by the talented artist, this showcase celebrates the profound connection between classic literature and abstract paintings, intertwining the beauty of words and the depth of emotions conveyed through abstract art. Audiences are invited to delve into a mesmerizing […]

Highlights of Macau International Short Film Festival (2023)

5th — 13th December, 2023

The Macau International Short Film Festival was held at Teatro Capitol 5 – 13 December 2023. Here are some highlights of the festival!     5th December 2023 Opening Ceremony The ribbon cutting for the Opening Ceremony of the MACAU INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. 13th December 2023 Gala Award Ceremony   BEST FILM OF THE FESTIVAL […]


10th November — 2nd December, 2023

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities present SELECTED WORKS 2023 at the Creative Macau Gallery Step into the world of artistic creativeness with “SELECTED WORKS 2023”! Creative Macau is proud to present an exhibition of extraordinary talent from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Saint Joseph. Be dazzled by the creative […]