Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Terms and Conditions


Every artistic creator whose work is based in Macau and wishes to promote it through CCI may apply for membership.



  1. Applicants for membership must provide to CCI:
    1. their name, education degrees, occupation, a short biography, email address and telephone number.
    2. Applicant must be able to prove their identity and resident status when asked by CCI.
  2. The personal data mentioned in 1. a) will be used by CCI to identify the applicant/member, to promote his work, to send him newsletters and information about CCI’s activities (exhibitions, seminars, etc).
  3. Furthermore, the short biography of a member will be displayed in CCI’s website jointly with files and images of his work.
  4. The personal data of applicants whose membership is rejected will be destroyed immediately.
  5. In accordance with Law 8/2005, every applicant/member has the right to access his personal data held by CCI, the right to correct and update it, the right to know how his data have been used by CCI, the right to oppose a particular use of the data and the right to demand its destruction. For the purpose, requests may be presented personally or sent to



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