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Macau has a small but active advertising sector. Though the market size and related activities for advertisement are small, it has been showing good potential to growth.

The development of the gaming and tourism industry will induce additional opportunities, as well as the opening of markets in the neighborhood regions of Guangdong province.

As a matter of fact, some of Macau’s existing companies are already servicing the Chinese and Hong-Kong market as well.

Low operational cost, great flexibility and excellent design and planning capabilities are some of the features offered by local companies.

These are mostly small-medium enterprises, with ability to work in different languages, mainly Chinese, English and Portuguese.

Consumer research and insights, management of client marketing activity/communications plans, identifying consumer tastes and responses, creation of advertisements, promotions, PR campaigns, media planning, buying and evaluation, production of advertising materials, are some of the services offered and there is an industry wide organization, the Macau Advertising Association.