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Announcement of Lucky Draw Winners

31st July, 2005

The result of the lucky draw in Macau Creative Industries Survey has come out. Here are the winners: 1st Prize: Kuan Man Chi 2nd Prize: Au Weng Pan 3rd Prize: Wong Iok Fong All winners will be notified individually.

Meeting with Consulate General of Switzerland

25th May, 2005

The Switzerland Consul, Mr. Francois Barras, the Cosul, Mr. Adrian Sieber, and the Curator, Ms. Joan Boivin, visited the Center on May 25, 2005. They were looking for the right venue for exhibitions between October and November 2005. One exhibit would be a photo exhibition of around 80 pictures shoot by a Swiss photographer between […]

Interview: CCI in TDM Programme

14th February, 2005

Anna Lam, Producer of Television of Macau, visited CCI and made an interview and a camera shooting on January 2005. The interview was shown during her programme Stories of the Citizens at 8:15 p.m. on 14 February 2005. It is a local programme that mentions about various stories of the local people, companies and groups to the audience on every Mondays. […]

Survey Announcement at Macau Daily News

9th February, 2005

As creative people in this city, will you make the first step to the Macau Creative Industries Survey? On the first day of the Year of Rooster, you can find the hot news of the survey in Macau Daily Newspaper.

Interview: By Representatives of Linköping and I.A.C.M.

3rd November, 2004

Representatives of I.A.C.M. and Link

Interview: A Media for Arts

5th October, 2004

In Issue 292 of CHINA TOURISM MAGAZINE, it comes with a complimentary booklet about making a tour in Macau. The guidebook provides information for sightseeing, dining and shopping, where Creative Macau is introduced to readers.

Interview: With Yuen Wai Ip by Macao Daily

7th March, 2004 15:00

Yuen has been participating in the advertising industry for years and is currently running his own company, August 13 design, in Zape. To play the roles of both designer and owner, he has to seek the balance between  

Interview: With Robert Lai by Macao Daily

9th February, 2004

Robert Lai, a fashion designer who has returned from Parisnot long ago, currently acts as the image consultant of Hong Kong artist Faye Wong. Robert says Europe provides an ideal environment in nourishing and supporting new designers, which is totally different from here in Asia. In Macau, consumers with high purchasing power rarely support the local creation. From his experience, Robert suggests that fashion […]

Interview: Mook Magazine Made a Visit to CCI

3rd February, 2004

The MOOK Magazine from Taiwan visited Creative Macau in the afternoon of February 3, 2004. There they had an interview with the Center together with one of our participants, the Fashion Designer Vanessa Cheah, regarding her VCSLlabel. At the Center, Vanessa showed the press her latest fashionable design clothing for both display and for sale.

Interview: With Loly by Macao Daily

20th January, 2004 16:00

Loly has been working in the Fashion Industry for over 28 years. Due to the small market of Macau, Loly says it is rather difficult to develop a local brand name which is “Made in Macau?”. Recently with the promotion of her page in Creative Macau