Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

10th London Asia Expo

Event Date: 25th — 27th January, 2010
Location:London, United Kingdom

The 10th London Asia Expo from 25th to 27th January 2010 was one of the biggest trade fair around the world particular for European buyers to source Asia and China made products. CENTER FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (CCI) therefore brought our members in furniture design and fashion design to participate this fair. We believed that it would not only help to build connections and business for our members but promoting the image of Macau in an international environment at the same time.

Being the only Macau exhibitor there, our unique designed items successfully caught the attentions and created noise among buyers during these three days. We also witnessed that a lot of buyers with great interests in our members’ products had an intention to have further co-operation with them. In fact, it was also a great pleasure for CCI to see that our local designed items could take their first steps in the UK markets as well as gaining good reputation there.