Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

14th Macau International Fair

Event Date: 22nd — 25th October, 2009

The Center For Creative Industries (CCI) was established since 2003. As we have a vision that Creative Industries have a vital influence to the local economic development and will definitely become one of the most profitable industries in the foreseeable future. In this connection, CCI is using all the possible channels such as participating local and international art and trade fairs/exhibitions, organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and competitions as well as co-operating activities with different institutions and organizations …etc to promote and increase the reputation of the local creative talents.

Take into consideration of the rich and unique cultural background, CCI always encourages the local creative talents to use it as adding value resource and count it into their creative works. Helping them to put it into practice, CCI becomes the regular participants of the Macau International Fair since 2003. This year we are back again as our usual practice. But the presentation of this year is different from the pervious years because we would like to stress on the introduction of our services. In this connection, as you could see on our backdrop, all images there were the works of our members which we had showed in various fairs and expo around the worlds including Macau, HK, Porto, Lisbon, London…etc. As you might note that the activities and programmes presented by CCI are always in high quality. And the quantity of activities is in top rate too. This arrangement is purely in favor of the local arts, designers and the public as the local arts and designers would have more chances to present themselves while the public could have more new works to see.