Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

15th Macau International Fair

Event Date: 21st — 24th October, 2010

CREATIVE MACAU / The Center For Creative Industries (CCI) is established and managed by the Institute of European Studies of Macau. We have been participating in the MIF since 2003. In the past 7 years, we have been promoting the local art and design communities with great efforts at MIF. With a purpose to motive the local designers, we therefore always encourage and give opportunity to them showing their creative works in an international environment.

This year, the Macau Policies towards the cultural and creative sectors have been changed. The government appoints the Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM SAR) to establish a creative industries department and will act as the leading position for the development in the related fields. In this connection, the ICM is appointed to be the organizer of the mentioned sectors in the International Trade & Investment Fair. CREATIVE MACAU would therefore join the 15th MIF from 21st to 24th Oct 2010 with them together.

We believe that our members who present product design with us this time will be able to witness and catch this great change. They are :  AKIN PANG with furniture design, ANDRE LUI with product design, FAIMAT with product design,  RUI LEÃO with furniture designer, SEASON LAO with product designer, STELLA TANG with fashion design, VENESSA CHEAH with fashion design, WANDA SOUSA with fashion design and  WU LUSHENG with furniture designer.