Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


Event Date: 4th — 31st December, 2010

the Sound and Image Design production industry, Creative Macau therefore launched our annual competition under the title of “SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE” in audio-visual sector on 1st of June 2010. This competition soon created a great impact to the professionals and amateurs and being disseminated at rapid speed.

In this contest, entrants were required to form technical TEAMS whom must possess skills in the field of sound and animated image design. The theme of the production was open, but the message would be with audio-visual features of a “Campaign” or ” Notice of A Public Service” of which would be valued together with the criteria of quality, technical competence and creativity.

The jury panel finally nominated three teams CO-OP, A BOB, GREEN CURRY BANDITS as the winners of “Best in Event Award”, “Award for Best Moving Image Design”, “Award for Best Sound Design”. The video-clip “All = One” by CO-OPdid the best video clip in sound design and animated image design. This piece of production was created in video game style. People are questioning about what kind of city they would like to have, how would they like to build it up? The choice actually lies in their hands. “Think in Sick” by A BOB won the award for best moving image design. The term tries to express that he finds it difficult to accept the rapid development of Macau and feels sorrow about his losses. Sound and images are in combination with varied editing skills managed to create his urban neighborhood atmosphere.”Salty Humid Chicken” by GREEN CURRY BANDITS won the best sound design. The video-clip is describing a specific Chinese recipe, a very popular dish, known as Pa Chi Kai —those chickens are always hung in the take away counter of the Chinese restaurant, by mixing of ironic sound dialogues and very funny visual effects. “The Harmful of Drug Adict” by CONFUSED GENERATION. ART was nominated by most of the public and got the “Public Favourite Award”