Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“99999” Conceptional Photography

By Ieong Man Pan

Event Date: 30th March — 29th April, 2017

The title of the exhibition, 99999, and gaming chips from the casino in Macau, together, revealed a strong sense of materialism. This convention forms the basis of new ideas on my works. The chips resembled rocks, giving an imitation of minerals. It is about Macau as the idea came from my observation after gambling is legalised. The series reflect the current state of Macau in my eyes.

The topic of “99999” has been exploring for many years; this exhibition shows my current state on this topic. In the past, Camera played a significant role in my creation, especially the works which documented what happened in real. “99999” allows me to focus on the post-editing rather than capturing the scene at the beginning stage. The chips-resembled rocks could be assembled into Chinese art style in creating the final work.

Ieong Man Pan, born in Macau in 1985, Ieong Man Pan obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Jinan University in 2008 and Master’s Degree in Photography Studies from the College of Arts of Chongqing University in 2012. He is an outstanding freelance photographer from the Post-’80s, and currently building an online photo database of Macau, purposely for individuals/organisations to obtain high-quality photographs of Macau and to learn more about Macau photographers.