Abstract Narratives – painting and poetry

By Carmen Lei

Event Date: 11th January — 17th February, 2024

Abstract Narratives is an enchanting exhibition that seamlessly blends the realms of visual art and literature. Curated by the talented artist, this showcase celebrates the profound connection between classic literature and abstract paintings, intertwining the beauty of words and the depth of emotions conveyed through abstract art.

Audiences are invited to delve into a mesmerizing world of vibrant colours, intricate brushstrokes, and evocative forms. Each painting within the collection bears the name of a literary quote, paying homage to the timeless works of classic literature. Besides paintings, the poems provide a lyrical narrative that complements and enhances the visual experience, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory journey of artistic expression. By merging abstract art and poetry, Abstract Narratives transcends traditional boundaries and creates a space where imagination and interpretation flow freely.

The artist invites the audiences to explore the symbiotic relationship between art and literature, echoing the profound impact that classic literature has on our collective consciousness. It is a celebration of creativity, a tribute to the power of words, and an exploration of the boundless possibilities that emerge when art and literature intertwine.