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Anita Fung Pou Chu Images Story

By Anita Fung

Event Date: 15th — 28th February, 2011

Creative Macau presented an exhibition of mixed-media photographic works by Anita Fung at its gallery, exploring her ongoing fascination with fantastic paintings and great imagination. The title, Images Story, denotes a life journey of a person. Life is short and will not wait for us. Nothing could be taken away after the end of the journey. Anita Fung will use her paintings to draw down these splendid moments of life.

“Condensing the story of the journey of life, life can not be parked waiting,After your going will be noting, use your CD silent color, overlapping, staggered, write down the moment …… streamer image.”

Anita Fung


Anita Fung is a famous artist in Macau. She is currently working as Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator of Visual Arts programme at the School of Arts of the Macao Polytechnic Institute. She has had 16 solo exhibitions, as well as international group exhibitions, in Macau, China and other places. She was awarded in many competitions and her work is in public, private and corporate collections.