Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

BABEL: Exist & Extinct

By Gigi Lee Yee Kee

Event Date: 16th October — 7th November, 2009

BABEL: EXISTENCE AND EXTINCTION by Gigi Lee, a local artist, is an interactive multimedia installation showing the sounds of human languages of which have been gradually disappearing since 1950 and the source of this video art work is from the database of UNESCO. Her solo exhibition at CREATIVE MACAU is composed of “Extinct” Variation, a sound installation; “Exist”, an installation with pigment on fabric silk; and “Media”, frames.

Since the Twenty Century, some linguistic researchers have been saying a language is a complex phenomenon of transformation and evolution. In Visual Arts, Babel is a theme of symbolism often associated with known structures obviously a significant in aesthetic language of art. In Gigi Lee’s case, BABEL: EXISTENCE AND EXTINCTION is various expression of communication in artistic languages such as sound and images or painting, wood … etc.

GIGI Y. K. LEE has professionally got involved in the field of Visual Arts in depth for several years and acts as a curator in local and Asia exhibitions. She currently works as art gallery assistant in Macau. Gigi graduated in Music Education and Fine Arts which turned her into a sensible person and made her become an artist in this respect. At the same time, she manages to earn herself a prestige among the local artists by creating arts in a different way.