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Center for Creative Industries

BEYOND INSPIRATION jewellery design workshop

Event Date: 18th — 30th November, 2009

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The aim of this course is to help the student develop and better understanding of the creative process from the perspective of a jewellery maker. No previous skills are required.

Inspiration is not a reliable part of the working process of a creative professional. Creativity has to be carefully harnessed and coaxed into the front line of our daily work. Surviving in the jewellery field requires a constant production of ideas that are developed and refined into concepts and ultimately finished pieces.

How do we maintain a steady flow of ideas? How do we create a flow of inspiration?

We investigate, collect, sketch, discuss, document, save, process and refine. We learn to make sound decisions based on what we wish to achieve and we learn how to build an idea bank to save good ideas for a rainy day.