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blueprint WORKSHOP: Almost There

By Benjamin K. Hodges

Event Date: 24th — 31st July, 2010
Seats:Only 15 seats available
Time:2:00 - 6:30pm

Almost There: An introduction to 3d modeling and compositing by Benjamin Hodges


This workshop serves as an introduction to 3d modeling for artists and amateur enthusiasts. No prior 3d experience is necessary. What is required is an interest in the potential of compositing virtual objects into photographic and video content. The techniques and technologies of augmented reality that used to only be the stuff of science fiction are now possible by all. Still the creativity and imagination of artists is necessary to answer the questions of what we can imagine.

Practically speaking, the workshop will be broken into two sessions with the goal of producing an original series of composited images combining the 3d objects created by participants and original photography taken in Macau. In the end, the goal is also to give participants the building blocks and resources for integrating such 3d work into their own projects. The course will utilize free and open source programs, primarily the 3d animation package Blender and the 3d sculpting program Scultris.

About the Instructor: Benjamin Hodges is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Communication at the University of Macau. Trained as an anthropologist and filmmaker, his focus is on the social uses of new media. Hodges is also a proponent of the use of open source software and open standards for media production, from 3d animation to digital photography. Originally from the U.S., Hodges is slowly learning how to apply his expertise and interests to the shifting terrains of Macau’s development.