Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

CCI at 11th MIF

Event Date: 23rd — 26th September, 2006

The CCI aims are:
To broaden knowledge and visibility for the works and the products of creative industries by providing a showroom for them in a suitable and well located premise.

To improve employment through the development of creative induestries in the local society.

To bulid and maintain commuciation channels for local and European creatie people, as well as others around the world, in order to foster promote a creative dialogue and foster cooperation.

To provide high quality trainings for skills and creativity developement. As well, classes are offered in business managerement for SME and micro companies in the creative industries sector.

To enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights and copyrights and therefore strengthening the foundation for successul creative industries.

To exploit opportunities presented by e-commerce and the the Internet.

CCI attended the 11th MIF in September; and CCI is keen to promoting and fostering the brand name of Macau creative industries in the world. Macau International Fair(MIF) is one of the important channel for CCI to spread the Macau creative industries development processing situation.