Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Creative Macau at 8th MIF in Macau Tower

Event Date: 23rd — 26th October, 2003

The event was held from October 23rd -26th, 2003 in Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre on the foyer of Level 3, 10 am to 7 pm. A lot of visitors to MIF came from different industrial and business sectors, both locally and internationally. Apart from the display of our participants’ works that include paintings, fashion and promotional brochures and leaflets, portfolios of different artists and designers were shown to arouse the interests of public. Creative Macau also recruited new participants during the event.


Workshop on Fashion Industry & Textile Design by Aoife Harrington

In the 9 hours workshop, students had the chance to learn how to design the best collection to propose to customers, to pick the right color scheme for the upcoming season, to understand some procedures in fashion business in the international market, to get some business hints from speaker’s past experiences, to practice in the production of a new brand as a team, etc. The course was interactive and hence all the students found it a valuable experience.
Certificates were awarded to the students with achievement of 8 hours attendance at the end of the course.


Creative Industries Day (October 25th, Sat)

Seminar on Creative Industries

The Seminar started at 3 pm on October 25th in Macau Tower. It consisted of the following sessions:

Development of Fashion Industry in Ireland

By Ms. Aoife Harrington MIDI, International Fashion Consultant from Institute of Designers in Ireland

Public Policies for Fostering Cultural Industries in Korea

By Mr. Haksoon Yim, Director of Development of KOCCA of Korea

Macau’s Fashion Industry Challenges for this Decade

By Ms. Victoria Alexa Kuan, Manager of Apparel Technology Dept. of CPTTM of Macau


Over 50 attendees in the Seminar. Some audience was impressed by the speech whereas others found it an opportunity to understand more about Creative Industries. Press interview were done before the seminar ended at 5:30 pm. Coffee and snacks were served.


Live Jazz Performances

Apart from the Seminar, live jazz performance was also presented on the stage of Creative Macau at Level 3. Many people remained in the foyer to enjoy the live music with one another.


Lion Dance

At 6:00pm near the carousel area of Macau Tower.


Magic Performance

From 3:00pm to 6pm at the ground floor of Macau Tower, and at 7:00pm near the carousel area of Macau Tower.


Pop Singers/ HipHop Dance/ DJ’s Demonstration

Show started from 7:30pm at the carousel area of Macau Tower.

Audience did enjoy the party with Creative Macau until it ended at 8:30pm.