Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Cries from the Ruins

By Ieong Chi Kin

Event Date: 19th June — 5th July, 2010

CRIES FROM THE RUINS is a solo exhibition by Kent Ieong Chi Kin of which will be presented in the gallery CREATIVE MACAU from 19th June to 5th July 2010.

This exhibition comprehends a video and photography installation as well as a live performance of which will be presented by a friend of Kent during the opening reception. It is for sure that this special entertainment would bring us a fantastic time

These works should be able to transmit to the public what Kent Ieong Chi Kin actually got in mind – A metaphor of uncertain times questioning our identity. The Solar System especially the Moon and Mars stimulates his inspiration and fiction. He imagines that one day, if aliens land on our city. How is the population’s reaction? Could we escape from this new force (culture)? Will we blend with their culture? How could we preserve our identity?

He is a multifaceted local creative talented, showing works in different art forms across Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. And he has won 10 awards including gold, silver and bronze in the art and graphic design fields.

CREATIVE MACAU- Center for Creative Industries is a project to promote local creative people. It is a fashionable place with multifunctional space where people could show and share their works and creative ideas with the public.

In this connection, we are delighted to invite friends, the public and those who love art and cultural subjects in particular to join the opening of CRIES FROM THE RUINS by Kent Ieong Chi Kin at 5:30pm on Saturday 19th of June 2010.

Please do not miss the opening of the said as well as the interesting performance on that day.