Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Cristina Mio U Kit Painting Exhibition

By Cristina Mio U Kit

Event Date: 12th — 28th January, 2011

CREATIVE MACAU is pleased to present Cristina Mio U Kit‘s solo exhibition in Macau. She is a Macau based painter and was born in Shanghai. She directed several painting, fresco, and wall painting restorations for the churches and temples in Macau in the period of 1999 to 2006. And some of these restoration works have been included in the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. Since the year of 1993, she starts showing her art works to the public. 10 solo and 23 joint exhibitions have been hold in different cities around the world including Portugal, France, China, Macau and Malaysia.

Cristina Mio U Kit is planning to display 12~18 paintings at Creative Macau this time. Most of the paintings are new for this particular exhibition. It is named “Cristina Mio U Kit Painting Exhibition” and without a conventional title like we usually do. The artist explains, “I normally won’t have titles for my exhibitions as it would restrict my creation while I work on my paintings.” In fact, this thought matches perfectly her creation concept of which is expressed by a Chinese poem by Wang Wei:


Alone I sit, dark, among bamboos,
I am playing my flute and humming a song.
Deep in the forest, no one can know,
The bright moon visits me and shines.