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Documentary Movie

Event Date: 17th April — 29th May, 2004

A new workshop, Documentary Movie, is going to be held during 17 April-29 May 2004.

Making documentary movie is a stepping ground to learn about camera angle and lightings. This course will allow you to learn how to shoot a film for documentary, lighting effects, sound, graphics and introduction of script.

About Arden Chan, the lecturer of this workshop…
As Multimedia Director of Darvish Multimedia Co. that provides services such as video production, sound designing and engineering, web design, graphic designing, etc. Graduated from New York Institute of Photography; AMA Computer College; YAMAHA; Documentary Films and Reality Videos Training; Film Directing Training. Technical expertise in Adobe products, Macromedia software, Final Cut Pro, Sound Engineering Software, video encoding, videographer and editing, SCALA, Network Digital Signage, etc…