“DRIFTING ICE: Contemplating Antarctican Icebergs” Photography exhibition

By Álvaro Barbosa

Event Date: 10th — 29th January, 2014
This exhibition is the result from an artistic expedition to the Antarctic Continent in January 2012, undertaken by the Multimedia Artists Álvaro Barbosa and Victor Gama. The expedition lasted for 10 days in a former oceanographic boat from the 1970’s, going to different sites in the Antarctica Peninsula, namely the Nelson Straight, Brown Bluff, Cierva Cove, Danco Island, the Lemaire Straight, Port Lockroy, Hanna Point and the mysterious Deception Island.
This series of Photographs portrays the lifecycle of Icebergs, during a period that can last from three to six years. In their origin, they break apart from the Ice at the mainland Antarctica continent and eventually melt away in the salt water of the ocean. During their life, Antarctican Icebergs drift around their continent pushed by the tides, until they fade into the wild ocean or get caught in one of the many coves that traps the floating ice in cemeteries of Icebergs.
During this Expedition, Álvaro Barbosa worked together with Victor Gama collecting video and audio recordings that were used in the pieces “VELA 691” by Gama, premiered in Chicago and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2012 and “Journey to the Last Frontier” performed also in 2012 by Gama and Barbosa, at the opening of the Black & White Festival in Porto-Portugal and in 2013 by Barbosa and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble at the Hong Kong Art Center. In addition to the video and Audio, Álvaro Barbosa collected a selection of Photographs that now result in this exhibition.