Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

EVER – Multimedia works

By Chan Ka Keong

Event Date: 30th July — 15th August, 2011

EVER is a solo exhibition by Chan Ka Keong, which will be presented in the gallery CREATIVE MACAU from 30th July to 15th August 2011. This exhibition includes the artist’s latest artworks of video, installation and photography.

The ideas of Chan Ka Keong’s work are mainly based on his own observations and experiences in daily life. As he has stated regarding his work: “What I find most interesting in life is the poetry and the absurdity hidden behind the appearances of things. Life itself brings me excitement all the time. Through extracting details and trivialities in our daily life, I try to reveal meanings that I have been paying close attention to. Whether in films or other media that I make, I focus on the coincidental and chance encounters among individuals, as well as the uncertain human conditions in life.”

Working as a graphic designer, filmmaker and visual artist since 1999, Chan Ka Keong has won numerous graphic design and photography awards in Macau, Hong Kong and China. Also a core member of “CUT Association of Audio-Visual”, Chan has been dedicating much of his energy in promoting local film and video industries. He works currently as a graphic designer in the Macao Cultural Center.

CREATIVE MACAU- Center for Creative Industries is a project to promote local creative people. It is a fashionable place with multifunctional space where people could show and share their works and creative ideas with the public. In this connection, we are delighted to invite friends, the public and those who love art and cultural subjects in particular to join the opening of EVER by Chan Ka Keong at 5:30pm on Saturday 30th of July 2011.