Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Every Moment Rewarded” – Black & White Drawing Collective Exhibition

Event Date: 6th February, 2013

CREATIVE MACAU challenged all members to express their views and perspectives of the present time of Macau and its islands through drawings in BLACK and WHITE.

Macau has its particular DNA and as a citizen, it is obvious that Macau is different from the nearby cities. Macau is undergoing an evolution: large-scale buildings and skyscrapers emitting lights making big changes on the Topography of the city can be seen, and is extending beyond the borders. The local status quo is changing rapidly making us anonymous to our neighbours that every day our feelings are metamorphosing, pushing and pulling us to adjust to new statuses, but at the same time we are trying hard to keep our DNA.

Ada Mok, Adalberto Tenreiro, Andre Lui, Katat Chan, Lei Cheng, m.chow, Pak Keong Sequeira, Sonia Viseu, Vincent Metayer, and Wu Lu Sheng – a total of 10 members participated by showing original works on various material with different media, in black and white.

A special performance by TUNA INFANTO JUVENIL PORTUGUESA DE MACAU marked the opening of the exhibition.