Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Exhibition: Misleading Multimedia Installation / Discussions

By Alice Kok Tim Hei

Event Date: 17th — 18th January, 2004

An event organized by Alice Kok was held in the evenings of January 17 & 18, 2004 in Creative Macau. The theme of her installation is karaoke. Macau, being the hometown of Alice and having an undeniable historical background of her cultural diversity, becomes the setting of an experiment. Presentation and discussions were made about the misunderstandings as a result of cultural differences.

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News about the Misleading Installation at MacauArt:


Something about Misleading

“Artistic creation has always been a kind of misunderstanding.

Landscapes shown on the canvas are not the original landscapes, they always become something else.

In order to be able to express this misunderstanding, Marcel Duchamp took his chance; a urinal.

Misleading enough.
Yet after this, worrying that we might not have misunderstood him enough, he had got to point at the Mona Lisa saying that “L.H.O.O.Q. ” (Elle a chaud au cul.)
“She’s got an horny ass!”

Not without influenced by this thought, I deliberately translated a french sentence phonetically into a cantonese karaoke song.
In order to challenge the limit of understanding.
I do not intend to make everybody understand the same message.

Because the only common quality that we share is our individual uniqueness.
We are not becoming the same.

Globalization can only be an illusion.

So let us be invited to differences.