Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Fantasy” oil painting exhibition

By Grace Yeu Chiu Yee

Event Date: 13th January — 13th February, 2016

“I live in cities but also love to soak in nature and would love to be able to talk to other animals! “Fantasy” is a series of indulging moments that I am soaking in, a strange combination of different animals! Any possibilities for understanding and love?

In some of them I place a few pieces of plastic to represent city life. I find that I get so many plastic boxes, plastic wraps and individual plastic packages (although I always take my own recycle bag!) Even though I am not an activist, I still wonder what we could do to appreciate the earth, our home and that of many other creatures….the little pieces of plastic are just a question mark and a quiet reminder for ourselves.”

— Grace Yeu