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Final Result for My World Exhibition

Event Date: 15th July, 2005

The final result of the selection for the My World, New Craft exhibition has already been announced and there are totally 9 exhibits which will be delivered from Macau to Lisbon for the exhibition in September.

As the opinion concluded by the British Council and the Experimenta Design, the feedback of the participation was very great, even exceeded what they expected.

The selected works are shown as follows:

Sigillum (Rui Leão)
ConstrAction (Nuno Soares)
Macau Stool (Alex Lei Ka Pio)
Insaciedade (Ana Filipa Simões)
Made in RED (Manuel Correia da Silva)
Zipper Tox (Clara Brito and Cwai Cheong)
Boundless Boundaries (Manuel Correia da Silva and João Ó)
Promenade Sur L