Flickering and Enchanting Space – paintings

By Alice Ieong

Event Date: 16th June — 20th August, 2022

In contrast with landscape, artist used fairytale colors to create some imaginative or fantasies space. She comes to herself and reckon this as fiction-scape or in-scape with no seasons, no dawn and dusk nor astronomical phenomenon.

Falling stripes, floating circles, geometrical shapes and seemingly recognizable and non-recognizable elements often stand out in the paintings and give them their contemporariness. The atmosphere of the paintings gives touches of coldness and spaces are detached from reality and no worldly elements, not even people are featured, and time seems being paused, things are static but moving at some sense.

We cannot see beyond a certain range and by taking away every kind of objective frame where our eye can reach and imagine the phenomena of life in another place where it exists, the paintings will be leading you somewhere, or to a point or to an exit or entrance point.