Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Furniture Design Exhibition, constrAction

Event Date: 19th March — 4th April, 2009

Center For Creative Industries (CCI) aims to support, promote and offer a free platform for the local creative people and young entrepreneurs who want to present themselves and their works in the local public and internationally. It is because CCI believes that creative industries not only contribute towards the economy directly, they also have a powerful, indirectly impact on the rest of the economy – by adding style, aesthetics and freshness to differentiate products and services.

As CCI wants to inculcate the culture of innovation by motivating, challenging and tapping the creative potential of the young generation, we therefore held the creative furniture design exhibition – CONSTRACTION again in this year from 19th March to 4th April at gallery Creative Macau.

CONSTRACTION exhibition is a jointed activity between CCI’s exhibition and workshop programs of which presents the self-design and build furniture of the eight students from our CONSTRACTION workshop. The students are hereby listed by name:

Ada Tam Nga Ian, Bárbara Sofia Bruxo, Catherine Bjerke de Herédia, Chan Ieng Ieng, Elsa Sousa, Isabel Carvalho, Júlia Lam, Silvie Lee. Their furniture was made according to the concept of the furniture design and building system which invented by our workshop tutor architect Nuno Soares. The most common and easy-found materials such as rough wood, water pipes…etc were applied as the major materials. In combination with the elements of practical, multifunctional and convertible, the shown furniture creates a perfect harmony with our modern busy life.