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“A Glimpse of Macau” – B/W Photography

By Jason Lei

Event Date: 22nd June — 22nd July, 2017

It is the tenth year as a professional photographer in Macau. Jason Lei, the photo artist of the exhibition “A glimpse of Macau”, is going to share his thought about the city where he questioned about his works as a commercial photographer. Black and white film photography could be the key to his question.With the camera on his hands, Jason travelled the place we, the Macau residents, are all familiar with. The people and scenery we missed were captured and showcased in 49 black and white photos. The photos documented the changing Macau, along with the artist’s memory of the city.

JASON LEI entered the professional photography industry in 2005. He specializes in landscape, architecture, portraits and other photographic subjects. In 2005, I met the photographic master Mr. Ng Chi Ho and set up a studio called Global Image Professional Photography. Engaged in professional photography in his spare time, he likes holding a film camera when traveling around, using the film camera to record people and other things he comes across, even indulging in the traditional black and white darkroom film developing.