Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“The Global Wanderer” Photography exhibition

By Nuno Veloso

Event Date: 10th — 26th July, 2014

The Global Wanderer, in present global times, within possible typologies of travellers, we encounter several ways of living in the World. Since the tourist to its opposite, the vagabond, from emigrant to nomad, they all seem to share some characteristics of the subject of present times. Within the dynamics of the movement that provides intercultural encounters, in an unprecedented human flux, we find ourselves, frequently, in what Marg Augé designates as non-places or spaces in which, in the midst of the crowd, we feel incurably lonely, such as what happens in airports.

In this set of works by Nuno Veloso, we may perceive the ambivalence of this character´s feelings in front of the strangeness of another place, something that incorporates the expression “Lost in translation”.