Highway Star

By Vincent Cheang

Event Date: 11th July — 24th August, 2019

Motorbikes, hard rock music, driving rhythm section. Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”, one of the classic rock music, triggers our emotions, reminds us leather-jacket-men on speeding-bikes and, and of course, the smell of gasoline. As a musician, it is always the music that I can link with the context of my creation. It is my key inspiration.

This is my first solo exhibition showcasing my music journey through my drawing and design. My works bring out my words to my favorite rock stars, the attitude of being a rock star.


“Nobody gonna take my car

I’m gonna race it to the ground

Nobody gonna beat my car

It’s gonna break the speed of sound

Oooh it’s a killing machine

It’s got everything

Like a driving power big fat tyres

And everything


I love it and I need it

I bleed it yeah it’s a wild hurricane

Alright hold tight

I’m a highway star”

– Highway Star by Deep Purple