Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


By Carol Kwok

Event Date: 10th — 27th February, 2012

“In Chinese medicine, jīngmài refers to passages through which vital energy circulates, regulating bodily functions. Chinese doctors talked about Yin and Yan, and the 5 elements. They also use the same theory to explain about almost everything. In Chinese medical terms, the 5 elements relate to your 5 inner organs and 6 outer organs. There are at least 5000+ herbal medicine listed in the big dictionary of Chinese medicine. It is astonishing how a Chinese doctor will have to take far much longer time to learn the trade. Atheistically viewed separately on each individual Chinese medicine, I felt once again death is staring at me, but this time death of another creature somehow saves your life. Life and death, the laws of nature, ever so intricately and mysteriously connected with all the life around you. 6 degrees of separation? Living in a city, one would never really cross one’s mind. Jianmai, although refers to the neuro veins that connects the whole body, but if one thinks more about it, with the Chinese explanation, your body is almost a world in itself, with veins connected to the universe.” – Carol Kwok