Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Ma-Boa / Lis-Cau” ink painting exhibition

By Charles Chauderlot

Event Date: 23rd February — 19th March, 2016

“Macao and Lisbon have so many reasons to be different because their origine in the History or their location, one in Europe and the other in Asia but …

Through my artistic eyes I founded some similar sceneries in both cities until my purpose is to join these two cities with humour and make some people confused. Where is this Chinese gate ? This church ? This small shop ? … Of course the detail of the shape of a tree, a Chinese character or the flying net of phone and elec-tric cables give the information of the location. Macao is Macao and Lisbon is Lisbon.

This exhibition is the effect of my vision of Macao and Lisbon blended, like the special taste of the tobacco of my pipe, mixture of different tobaccos mixed together.”

— Charles Chauderlot
Lisbon 2013 / Macao 2016