Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


Event Date: 4th — 11th June, 2011

Since its beginning in 2006, Macau BannerBag has celebrated the World Environment Day, with innovative styles and unique banner collections. This year collection brings several new bags, wallets, Ipad bags and a special Panda collection at CREATIVE MACAU.

Macau BannerBag was established with the innovative idea of using discarded advertising material from banners used in the promotion of exhibitions, festivals, cultural and sports events. The founders understood that the promotional needs of companies and cultural institutions in Macau generated large quantities of materials such as PVC banners, polyester flags and posters, which could not and were not, subsequently, recycled. Thus, Macau BannerBag decided to use these materials as the main source in the production of unique bags and accessories for daily use. The outcome has been a combination of environmental awareness and design, these bags have an innovative and unique style – there are no bags alike.

Since September 2009, Macau Banner Bag has signed a protocol with the Macau Association for Drug Addict’s Rehabilitation (ARTM), which allows the young people of that association to actively participate in the development and production of the products of Macau BannerBag.

In 2010 Macau BannerBag was selected by the Cultural Institute as one of “Macau Creative Industries” and invited to participate in several International Exhibitions and Fairs.

Macau BannerBag is one of the few pioneers in a field that can only gain importance in the coming days, as gradually it becomes clear that one must act in a responsible way and do more to protect the environment. For now, one can support the environment by using one of the cool designer bags of Macau BannerBag and pass on the message that recycling is a good thing.