Magical Feelings – Fine Art Printmaking Art Works Exhibition

By Duarte Esmeriz ,   Fernando Simões ,   Joaquim Kuong ,   Lei Cheng ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   Mel Cheong

Event Date: 11th June — 11th July, 2020

Magical Feelings is a collective exhibition of fine prints by passionate creators of artistic printmaking, living in Macau. Engraving is an artistic process that involves laborious manual work on a matrix. This art involves a number of technical juxtapositions to occur countless magical moments of which expectant, fascinating, disappointing and ultimately glorious!

As we begin the first step in the matrix intervention, good feelings arise at every step that motivates the artist to accelerate the process to see the final result – which is the image transferred from the matrix to the paper.

Fine print art always surprises us throughout the creative process: it is a long and terribly slow path taking place in the midst of joys that encourages us to reach the goal of matrix printing.

We congratulate the six printmaking artists who share this art form so that the public will delight with fine print works of paper where is the individuality of each artist manifestly printed on the paper, artistically.