Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


By Catherine Bjerke

Event Date: 28th September — 20th October, 2006

Catherine Bjerke was born in Oslo, Norway, on 28th of July 1966. Coming from an artistic family with seven children she early learned how to paint from her mother who made all her children try out the fascinating possibilities of oil painting. With her father and grandfather being Architects, she got her inspiration.

During her professional education she had to let the painting down for some years while yet continuing to spread her natural communication abilities in all her occupations. As a mother of three, she took up her painting again in Macau, as yet another way of communicating. Catherine Bjerke paints with acrylic paint on canvas, utilizing various natural materials to create the shifting textures of her paintings. Combined with warm colors this elaborate technique transmits a tranquil oasis able to sooth both mind and soul of the beholder. But as Catherine says it;