Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Nature” – Jewellery

By Cristina Vinhas

Event Date: 11th — 31st January, 2013

“Nature” is Cristina Vinhas’s first solo exhibition in Macau. Her biggest motivation is to create unique shapes. This collection was inspired from the texture and shapes of organic elements such as coral, ginseng root, pork organs, tree trunks, dried roots, seeds of the lotus flower, trees, birds; as well as existing objects with a different function, such as buttons of Chinese classical dresses.

Cristina Vinhas is a Portuguese professional jewelry maker who started her career since 2003 after she finished the course at CINDOR, a vocational training centre of the gold and watch industry. In 2007, The jewelry maker moved to Macau and became an instructor of the jewelry workshops in a local association. At the same time, she keeps on designing and making her own jewelry. As a CREATIVE MACAU member, she has been participating in our collective exhibitions and major international fairs.