Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Neighbourhood” painting and drawing exhibition

By Laura Che Mei I

Event Date: 27th July — 20th August, 2016

“An open garden atop a two-story apartment: an association of enjoyment with its spectacular aspects and views. As metropolitans in new generation, we have stress from work. To clear our mind is an efficient way to relieve. To do so, we shall make an escape from busy life and stay in a fun and relaxing place.” — Laura Che

Through abstract oil paintings, Laura illustrated her impressions of the old neighbourhood she stayed in the old area of Areia Preta in Macau.

Laura Che is an artist in fashion design, interior and spatial design, product design. Also, she does illustration for children . She joined CREATIVE MACAU as a member since 2005. Her passion for art motivated her to create artworks, and currently working on a children picture story book.