Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


By Donna Ho Pui San

Event Date: 19th September — 10th October, 2009

When philosophers, estheticians and artists intent to classify the five senses, they all agree that vision is the most useful one. Jérôme Cardan (1501-1576) proves the superiority of vision. Hegel thinks that art concerns only seeing and hearing. Contemporary philosophers discuss a lot about the “rehabilitation of touching”.

I am influenced by the theory of Michel Serres. His thesis: “The Five Senses”, rehabilitates the honour of touching. Australian historian of art, Aloïs Riegl (1858-1905) defines the ¨vision touching¨. He thinks that touching can improve vision. When eyes approach an object and enter in scope of ¨vision touching¨, vision is influenced by experience of touching, it gives image in 3D. Collection of “touching” includes two parts: installation video and collages of mix materials. I intent not only to “rehabilitate the honor of touching” in art, but also the idea that “touching” means to explore new knowledge. Through this opportunity, I hope to exhibit my new experience of art creation in France.