Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Ng Fong Chao Solo Exhibition – Première

By Noah Ng Fong Chao

Event Date: 4th — 21st March, 2011

CREATIVE MACAU is pleased to present Ng Fong Chao’s solo exhibition “Première”. One video and twenty photos will be presented. Some of those photos are enhanced by computer manipulation techniques. Inspired by the “No.1 events” and “No.1 celebrity” existed in the different period of time in Macau, the artist explores the subtle connections among the social history and life.

Noah Ng Fong Chao is working as curator at Macao Art Museum. He received a visual art degree in Macau Polytechnic Institute. Since 1990, the artist has taken part in more than 80 collective exhibitions in China and overseas. With multi creative talents, he presented his work in various media such as painting, printing making, conceptual photography, performance art, etc. In 1999, the artist won the First Prize of Photography in the “4th Macau Biennial of Art” and the First Prize in the “16th Collective Exhibitions of Macau Artists”. In 1992 and 1993, he was awarded the Second prize of Art Category in the Contest of “Macau Dialogue of Cultures”.