Our Precious Moments – Cheong Ut Man Painting Exhibition

By Cheong Ut Man, Coco

Event Date: 31st March — 30th April, 2022

Grandma was my guardian angel. The way she protected me was unique, she used to raise her fist, smiled and pretended to hit me, but in actuality she really did hit me…

When I couldn’t fall asleep, tossing and turning accidentally waking her up, she would pinch me.

When I felt bored while having dinner, I stood on the chair and sang excitedly and emotionally, then she pinched me.

When I feel bored, I would shake my bottom in front of Grandma in a wheelchair. She again wanted to hit me but this time was not that easy, however I would also be pinched sometimes.

Even though it sounded as if my Grandma was always pinching and beating me up, I could see tears in her eyes at the station when I had to leave…

In loving memory of my Grandma, I have painted our precious moments together. Majority of my childhood memories is about the love and happiness my Grandma has brought me.