Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


By Lei Cheng

Event Date: 1st — 18th August, 2009

CREATIVE MACAU is glad to present the OVERTURE exhibition of LEI CHENG in both Printmaking and Ceramic. In this exhibition, flowers, figures and perhaps some abstract works are shown in the printmaking series. You will find the efforts of the artist by simply looking at it. In addition, the display of the ceramic works along with the printmaking series here are not only a value added for the exhibition but a good surprise for us too. It seems that we could expect to have a very enjoyable time as Lei Cheng will show us all his great creative talents through these two different media.

Printmaking is made by several surfaces with different techniques. In general speaking, the most essential characteristic of printmaking is that printmaker has to draw and carve on a flat surface. This process is a MUST for the production of print works. This plate is then inked in color with roller. And paper is pressed or rubbed to the surface by hand in order to capture the image from the plate. Sounds not difficult, right! We could use our imaginations to make print works as soon as the plate got ready.

Lei Cheng joined us in 2004 after assisting the classes of the printmaking artist David de Almeida in our workshop of which was held in the Academy of Visual Arts (IPM). Like all the other students, Lei Cheng really enjoyed the process of learning new technique of which could be used in new skills development and exploration of the large variety of printmaking approaches.