Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Pantone 0022 M” – Painting Exhibition

By João Jorge Magalhães (SAH)

Event Date: 25th June — 18th July, 2015

Memory is a result of a complex perception gathering process. Everyday we remember things around us because we’ve assimilated perceptions of those things: a shape, a smell, a space, a color, etc.

However, same thing may coincidentally happen in the other way round. Things can become a perception of others – and these can in turn become memorable.

Colors do become alive, and they even get code names, like the “Coca-Cola-red” that most people talk about, “Santa-Sancha-Palace-pink” and “Vietnamese-sea-dark-blue”; and the ones present in the world-famous “Pantone Matching System”.

This exhibition, Pantone 0022 M, portrays a very stylish way of expressing the artist colourful memories of Macau.