Creative Macau

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Participation in ‘This in my city 09’ from 3rd to 5th July in Albergue

Event Date: 3rd July, 2009

CREATIVE MACAU attended THIS IS MY CITY 09 — urban panorama workshop from 3rd to 5th July organized by +853 cultural Association and Albergue. CREATIVE MACAU, managed by IEEM who is one of the sponsors, attended the event and captured the Macau skyline from our point of view on the rooftops of buildings located in several districts. Finally, a photography creation was produced in the workshop with the materials of what we captured on the rooftops after the brainstorming session and picture selection process. However, hereby shown below was the theme and pictures captured by our Mr. Jeff Lao who was born, raised in Macau and witnessed the development of Macau:

Weeds in the Concrete Ground

Macau was a small, quite and relaxing city surrounded by traditional houses in Portuguese and Chinese style. Sounds of insects and singing of birds could be heard in the morning, even the seeds of cotton tree would be blown into your apartment.

One day, when I looked up into the sky, trees and plants were gone. Hugh buildings were blocked up the sky in a quite manner. I realized that I was in among a concrete jungle. People lived in closely crowded apartment buildings with cases outside the windows. Perhaps people would hardly find space to breath anymore…..

In coincident, I found that people tried to build their own secret gardens in their rooftops or balconies among the huge blocks. These gardens might be the weeds among this concrete jungle according to the urban planning. However, it could be the previous memory of the past time in Macau. Just like the weeds in the concrete ground, you would find it somewhere you have never through about.