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Participation in the forum of Social Energy – Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands

Event Date: 7th August, 2009

Our Project Manager Lúcia Lemos participate the forum of the ‘Social Energy – Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands’ in Hong Kong. This exhibition is jointly presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre, curated by Wang Min, Li Degeng, Jiang Hua, and Luo Yi from OMD Beijing. The exhibition is proceeding with its touring activities one after another in Chengdu, Beijng, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places around Asia.

The forum show how design can change the conventional images of things that stimulate our naked senses, things such as food, music, servies, publications, and building. While our environment presents itself with a new identity, our life will never be the same again.


  • Jiang Hua & Li Degeng, Curators of “Social Energy”
  • Peter Bilak of Typotheque (the Hague)
  • Mark Klaverstijn of Machine Studio (Amsterdam)

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Featuring 11 founders and trailblazers in various field of communication design in the Netherlands, Social Energy is the exhibition aims to stimulate and promote the integration of traditional graphic design with music, writing, sociology, media linguistic, information technology, popular culture and product development. The works are range from graphic design, book design, multimedia, information and identification system. map to animated cartoons. Participating designers and design studios include: Studio Dumbar, NLXL, Nessen & de Vries, Lust, Irma Boom, Peter Bilak, Mevis & van Deursen, Mooren & vanVelden, Karel Martens, Machine and Catalogtree.