Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

PORTO, city from my eyes

By Frank Lei

Event Date: 17th June — 11th July, 2009

” If the daily captured photos are artistic creations, then these creations could be kind of seeking — seeking for the paradise in mind, seeking for a value (existence?), seeking for an impulse and seeking for a heart touching potential.” (31-7-2006)

Reading a paragraph of my journal which was written in Porto in the year of 2006, it recalled an unforgettable creation trip of mine. In that year, I went to Porto from Pairs alone and stayed there for three weeks. My accommodation was located in the roof of Maus Habitos, a multi-function art gallery. In there, I first met Daniel and Ana Azevedo, two very good Portuguese friends of mine. With their great help, I could be free to make creations in this amazing city as well as experiencing the unique city culture of which was far difference from Lisbon. For example: We could rush to watch the puppet show which started at 10:30pm in a quiet alley right after we finished the show at 8:00pm. Then got back to Maus for a midnight party. I met up with a lot of artists from different countries there sharing the features of our art works. In Porto, very different from Macau, most of the artists do not receive grants/funding from the government. However, being an artist there will not feel isolated due to the energetic and spontaneous atmosphere of art and cultural activities. People with ambition are quietly doing their contributions. It seems that this has become part of their life and not separable