“Premio Compasso Volante – Culture and Science between East and West”

Event Date: 11th April, 2014 00:00
The Premio Compasso Volante – Ettore Zambelli is a design competition for students born from a close collaboration between the School of Architectural Engineering of Politecnico di Milano, with professors Ettore Zambelli, Giuseppe Turchini and Marco Imperadori (scientific coordinator of the prize) and other prestigious universities in Europe and Asia.
“Culture and science between East and West” is the recovery of the former shipyards in Coloane Village, located in the southern part of Macau. The goal is to design a place where culture and science can be exhibited, promoted and advanced, attracting people of all ages close to Coloane’s romantic village and suggesting to people living in Macau an original place to go, discover culture and experience it.